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ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a result of brain neurons......

Jamie's Story

Neuro Colorado helped my mental functioning in ways that were impossible for me to change on my own, or through any other way. I used to have so much “busyness” going on in my head, constantly, no matter what I was doing or how much I tried to relax. Within a few sessions, the therapy I received from Neuro stopped my mind from being stuck. I literally felt more free, with a more clear, open mind than I had ever known, felt or experienced.

The effect this therapy has made on my life has improved my ability to rest more fully, be at peace no matter the circumstances, and to thrive in each area of my life. Even my memory is completely restored. I am now able to engage with others more fully. I no longer struggle with the depression, stress, anxiety, or symptoms of ADHD that I previously had prior to starting Neuro therapy. This process has exceeded my hopes and desires to change and develop my brain and overall behavior and health.

Thank you to everyone at Neuro for helping me confront some critical problems of my past, for applying the various methods of therapy so specific to my needs, for teaching me live life more freely, and for providing to me such substantial results that I’ll continue to grow/learn from, every day, for the rest of my life!