Emotional Trauma

How We Can Help 

ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder is a result of brain neurons......

Pam's Story

Life when I started at NEURO had been shattered! I was in the beginning of what was to be a very volatile divorce process. The divorce had seriously begun to affect me and my boys, ages eight and ten. My older son received a referral from his therapist at Lost and Found Counseling. After our initial consultation with NEURO, they felt the treatments would benefit all three of us.

When treatment began, I described myself as being in a constant “state” of being in my head. I had muscular tension in my head, jaw, neck, and shoulders. I had repetitive negative thought patterns regarding the fear of the future, and self-doubt. I told those closest to me the best way to describe what I was living: “stuck!”

During my sessions several things happened. First I learned how to “breathe” life, which made immediate changes physically and emotionally for me. I was more aware of becoming a human “being” instead of a human “doing”. Secondly, my sleep patterns became healthier and sounder, instead of having to think myself to sleep. The regular sleep increased my energy levels tremendously and my ability to remain present and engaged throughout the extreme stresses I was experiencing. Thirdly, during my sessions NEURO staff was incredibly insightful with me and gave me invaluable nuggets of information regarding my psychological well being.

All of this affected me more than any other method of treatment I’d ever sought. I am no longer living an unbalanced life with anxiety or with the negative “fight or flight” responses to previous trauma and current life situations. I am no longer “stuck!”

Please be encouraged to know you can be unstuck and that the brain is an incredibly responsive organ to the healing process! Traditional therapies may try to “get your head on straight” or tell you that the physical manifestations and feelings you are having “are all in your head.” Well…they are right! NEURO therapy changes the brain’s negative patterns that have developed throughout all our life experiences. We are then able to make choices to exercise the positive life experiences we were created to have!