Neuro Colorado's Sean Brock sits down with Michael Brown for an in-depth radio interview to talk about neurofeedback, counseling, and why he started Neuro Colorado. Listen in as Sean shares about the integration of traditional counseling and neurofeedback – the foundations of Neuro Colorado. What is the history behind neurofeedback? When is it best to use traditional counseling methods or a combination of multiple therapies? When does someone need neurofeedback to transform their ability to make healthy, life-giving choices?

During this conversation you will learn:

  • About neurofeedback’s benefits.
  • About Neuro Colorado’s techniques and methods.
  • Why Sean Brock is a counselor and neurotherapist.
  • Factors that might cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 
  • How neurofeedback can shape new neuro pathways.

Michael Brown visited Neuro Colorado and experienced the process of neurofeedback first-hand. Using his experience, Sean walks through what a neurofeedback session looks and feels like with Michael Brown sharing how it feels from a patient's perspectives.

Enjoy this interview and learn more why Neuro Colorado can help you engage with transformative healing that helps you thrive. Or experience it for yourself!