We are more than the sum of our brain activity, emotions and the blocks or winds that hold us back. Sometimes we need to explore and attempt to answer deeper questions about meaning. A restless soul in search of meaning tends to wrestle with these types of questions:

  • What is my meaning and purpose?
  • Who am I in the bigger picture of Life?
  • What is our relationship to God?
  • Is there even a God?
  • What is my place in this world?
  • What's next for me?

Neuro Colorado highly values this process. Yes we do neurofeedback and offer multiple kinds of counseling services, but we are passionate about this aspect of a person's journey and wellness.If you are in the throws of doubt, uncertain about faith, wanting to ask some of the big existential questions in life, we want to provide a safe space to dialogue about it.  We believe the exploration of meaning and Truth is vital to a full and thriving life. We are not in the business of giving answers but we do walk with you through the process in a creative and safe way.