Navigating teen years can be challenging and overwhelming for both the teen and parent (s)! Neuro Colorado's work with adolescents includes managing stress, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, self-image, attention and focus, and exploring transitions between teen and adult years. Often times teenagers struggle to identify and express their emotions openly and honestly.

Neuro Colorado is passionate about supporting teens in exploring challenging feelings, manage mood, increase communication, and create positive connections to those around them. It is our hope to help adolescents navigate change and the pressure of this touch transition age, while creating a positive sense of self.

We want to provide help with teens:

African-American teenaged-boy with hat-smiling
  • feelings of depression and anxiety

  • challenging behaviors at home and school

  • trauma

  • difficult transitions

  • family conflict and transition

  • low self-image/esteem

  • improving communication and attachment

  • increase attention and focus at school

We do this in a safe, supportive, relational, and effective environment. Our approach is to use the best brain based and relationally effective therapy available to help you experience life in an authentic, deep, and beautiful way.