Sometimes our experience of life becomes overwhelming and we need help. Other times we are simply ready to make a change and don’t know the best way to go about it.  Experiencing the life we desire takes work and having the best tools to help us thrive. Most of us have wounds and blocks that hold us back and many of us were never given the right tools in the first place. Past events profoundly impact how we understand and experience life.

Neuro Colorado is passionate about helping men and women who feel “stuck” in life. We, also, aspire to help survivors of physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and spiritual abuse learn to thrive. We assist you to resolve the underlying issues keeping you in a holding pattern by helping identify priorities and provide tools to find the clarity to move forward.

We want to provide help for individuals who want to:

  • enact change in their life

  • be freed from past experiences holding them back.

  • overcome anxiety or other problems stemming from trauma events

  • move beyond chronic relationship problems into healthy intimacy.

We do this in a safe, supportive, relational, and effective environment. Our approach is to use the best brain based and relationally effective therapy available to help you experience life in an authentic, deep, and beautiful way.