Neurofeedback can do amazing things for kids! Neuro Colorado prepares children to thrive now and for the road ahead.

ADHD, Impulse Control, Learning Difficulties, Sensory Processing issues – all originate in the brain. Neurofeedback helps kids learn to change how they use their brains and to self-regulate in a scientifically proven, objective manner. It has such a high success rate that the American Academy of Pediatrics elevated Neurofeedback for the treatment of ADHD to its top categories of evidence based interventions and is now frequently being recommended by pediatricians.

Young girl laying on grass

Your child deserves the best opportunities to thrive in all areas of their life. With Neurofeedback your child can experience transformation without inhibiting who they are. Some ways Neurofeedback Therapy with Neuro Colorado can help:

  • Compliments other interventions like OT, PT, Speech Therapy, and learning therapies.

  • QEEG assessment can reveal which type of ADHD your child has or if they even have ADHD at all.

  • Assist in getting kids off their stimulant medications.

At Neuro Colorado you can engage real solutions to restore your child’s focus and confidence so they can thrive now and in their future.