Children have a natural resiliency and desire to learn and grow. Neuro Colorado works with children from a holistic and creative approach. Sessions incorporate play, art, EMDR, and developmentally appropriate talk therapy. We focus on creating a fun, safe, and healing environment in our session with a focus on family systems and attachment. It is our hope to facilitate positive interactions in and outside of session while building bonds between family and child.

We want to helps kiddos with the following:

  • attachment wounds and attachment trauma

  • feeling of depression and anxiety

  • challenging behaviors at home and school

  • trauma

  • difficult transitions

  • anger and impulse control

  • family conflict and transition

  • low self-image/esteem

  • exploring and improving communication and attachment

  • increase attention and focus at home and school

We do this in a safe, supportive, relational, and effective environment. Our approach is to use the best brain based and relationally effective therapy available to help kiddos experience life in an authentic, safe, and beautiful way.